Jo Bentley


Jo is a Hanna Somatics Exercise Coach (HSEC) and registered Hatha Yoga teacher who draws on a wealth of life experience and intuition to influence her teachings. 

In her early 30s, Jo was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (a chronic neurological disorder that affects the central nervous system) that left half her body paralyzed, taking her over a month to be able to walk again. The positive she has taken out of her diagnosis is a greater body awareness; how it moves, heals, and breathes. Over the past 13 years, Jo has fought back to reclaim some semblance of her former health using Hanna Somatics, Yoga, improved nutrition and balanced choices.

Jo's initial yoga teacher training was steeped in somatic awareness, that some years later compelled her to explore the work of Hanna Somatics. She was instrumental in facilitating Martha Peterson's first visit to Australia in 2013 to run a Somatics Exercise Coach training in Adelaide.

"I am always amazed at how profound and how quickly I can feel the effects of my Somatics practice. Already having a condition that has left me a little imbalanced and weaker on one side, I am more mindful of why and how I get pain, why I trip over occasionally and what I can do to alleviate it. I love that Somatics is accessible anytime, any place, any age!”

Jo conducts private sessions, classes, and courses in Hanna Somatics around Adelaide and interstate.

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Phone: 0400 225 210