Essential Somatics® 3-Year Clinical Somatic Education Professional Training

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Program Overview

In this three-year intensive professional training program students will become qualified and skilled at teaching Clinical Somatic (Hanna Somatic) Education, in the tradition of Thomas Hanna. This program teaches the direct, hands-on clinical method of neuromuscular movement re-education developed by Thomas Hanna, PhD, author of the book, Somatics.  Students will learn the clinical hands-on protocols, methods, concepts, and principles that improve sensory motor control to those suffering from sensory motor system and functional muscle pain.

Somatic Education is the missing link in scientific knowledge and medical care for pain reversal or relief. This method of sensory motor training can save millions of dollars in unnecessary medical costs, and help millions of people eliminate chronic and acute functional muscle pain. This training is appropriate for those in the healthcare profession, massage therapists, movement teachers.

About Thomas Hanna, PhD

Thomas Hanna, PhD (1928-1990) spent his life searching for ways for human beings to become free - physically and intellectually. He encouraged individuals to realize the power they have to take responsibility for their own lives.

Dr. Hanna’s discovery of sensory motor amnesia and his simple solutions to “mysterious” conditions of pain developed into books and teaching programs. Dr. Hanna’s bright star was dimmed when his life ended in an auto accident, but not before he encouraged students to move into the world to end functional muscle pain.

Clinical Somatic Education provides the following benefits:

  • Educational skills that clients can use for the rest of their lives to maintain optimum movement, overall health, physical independence and freedom of movement.
  • A scientifically based system of learning that successfully addresses the root cause of most chronic muscle pain.
  • A supportive and encouraging partnership between client and practitioner that fosters client responsibility, self-motivation and somatic mastery of basic movement skills.
  • Improved sensory motor awareness and control for clients who have lost the ability to move freely.

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