Pain-Free Neck and Shoulders DVD


Pain-Free Neck and Shoulders DVD


Learn gentle, easy Somatic Exercises to improve posture and overall movement, and relieve muscle pain caused by hours of sitting, computer work, surgeries, injuries and one-sided repetitive movements. This DVD is especially helpful for those with neck and shoulder pain, TMJ, shallow breathing and stooped posture.

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The muscles of the neck and shoulders can become painful and tight due to slumped posture, overly arched back muscles or one-sided repetitive movements (such as computer mousing, or throwing a baseball). Dental work or grinding your teeth can cause tight jaw, neck and shoulder muscles, all of which contribute to a host of painful conditions. Painful neck and shoulder muscles are also often stress-related, an indication of tight muscles in the center of the body. 

The Somatic Exercises on this DVD will help: 

  • relieve neck and shoulder pain
  • relax the muscles that connect the back, neck and shoulders
  • improve posture
  • relieve pain from excessive sitting, computer work, or driving

This DVD is especially helpful for those with slumped posture, “stiff” necks and rigid shoulders, disk problems, TMD/TMJ, carpal tunnel syndrome, shallow breathing, tension headaches or frozen shoulder.

Somatic Exercises are appropriate for any age or activity level.

Please note: all DVDs are "region 0."

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