The Myth of Aging Retreat

  • Hollyhock Retreat Center Cortes Island, BC Canada

Martha Peterson is proud to be returning to Hollyhock Retreat Center to teach the Myth of Aging Retreat. This 5-day retreat format gives participants the opportunity to absorb the learning, movements, and changes they will experience in the stunningly beautiful and peaceful setting of Cortes Island, BC. 

If you have “tried everything” for your back, neck, shoulder or hip pain, and have only experienced short term relief, come learn how to achieve long term pain relief and improved muscular function – on your own – whenever and wherever you need it. Use your brain to “reprogram” your muscles to lengthen and relax as you regain muscle sensation and control. The result is more fluid, efficient movement, improved breathing, drastic reduction of functional muscle pain, and improved somatic awareness.

“The Myth of Aging” is what Thomas Hanna, creator of Hanna Somatic Education, called the commonly held belief that limited movement, disability, and decrepitude is the inevitable result of aging. In reality, it is the way in which we unconsciously adapt to the stresses of our lives – emotional or psychological trauma and stress, accidents, injuries, surgeries,  – that determines whether we will become “creaky and old” or maintain our physical freedom and independence.

Through lectures, movement sessions, and interactive participation you will learn:

  • The root cause of most chronic muscle pain – Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA) and how to reverse it
  • How to retain voluntary muscle function and fluid movement with gentle, safe somatic exercises
  • How your movement habits and reflexive responses to stress contribute to conditions such as low back pain, neck, shoulder, hip and joint pain, sciatica, and chronic headaches
  • How all humans respond reflexively to stress with three full body reflex patterns
  • How to lengthen muscles and reset muscle function without painful stretching
  • A basic routine of easy, safe, and profoundly effective Somatic Exercises that, when practiced daily, restore muscle control and awareness, eliminate chronic muscle pain, and keep you moving freely in your chosen activity for the rest of your life.

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