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Hanna Somatic Exercise Coach Training: Level 1

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Please be advised: this is not an introductory course for those wanting to learn Hanna Somatic Exercise. For a comprehensive introduction to Hanna Somatic Exercises, please check out our Fundamentals Immersion Courses.

This course is for movement, medical, and fitness professionals who have a background in Hanna Somatic Movement and want to use their knowledge and experience to help others. Incorporating Hanna Somatic Exercises and the principles of Hanna Somatic Movement into your primary practice will allow you to teach your clients safe, gentle methods for chronic muscle pain relief, injury prevention, and self-care.

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1. Students are required to have participated in a Move Without Pain Fundamentals Immersion Course. Alternately, proof of attendance at a 6-week Myth of Aging series or similar series taught by an approved Essential Somatics somatic movement teacher will be sufficient to fulfill this requirement.

2. Required reading: 

3. This course is open to movement teachers, fitness trainers, professional bodyworkers, therapists, and medical professionals, and those intending to share Hanna Somatic Exercises in a professional setting.

*Updated as of January 1, 2017

What people are saying

Somatic Exercises can change how we live our lives, how we believe that our minds and bodies interrelate, how powerful we think we are in controlling our lives, and how responsible we should be in taking care of our total being.
— Thomas Hanna, PhD, author of Somatics: Reawakening the Mind's Control of Movement, Flexibility, and Health
Essential Somatics has changed my life! It has presented that “missing link” for my work as a massage therapist; but most importantly and unexpectedly it has given me a sense of personal growth and physical freedom providing me a place of empowerment I have not found elsewhere as of yet. It pulls everything together and provides the space for true potential, on all levels of being!
— Gayle, HSEC Level 1 student, Oconomowoc, WI
The Hanna Somatic Exercise Coach Training Level 1 class was very beneficial for me. I am not only excited about the prospect of helping people heal themselves, but the idea of empowering them with the knowledge to do it themselves is magical. I have left the training a better person. Thank you!
— Anna, HSEC Level 1 student, Oconomowoc, WI
Throughout the training, Martha was totally engaged in her teaching and with her students, her generosity, knowledge, and wisdom creating a unique, positive and supportive learning experience. The training used a blend of theory and experiential learning in a manner that encouraged embodied learning. By the end of the course I felt I had learnt so much and in way that I could own and take away for myself and for my teaching of others.
— HSEC Level 1 student, Melbourne, SA


  •  $800 USD (full tuition)
  • $725 USD (early bird price)
    Those who have already attended the HSEC Level One may review the course for 50% off the full price. Please contact for payment details.

Cancellation Policy

You may request a full refund minus a 5% cancellation fee if canceling more than 4 weeks prior to training start date. No refund will be available if canceling less than 4 weeks prior to training start date. We thank you for your cooperation.

Essential Somatics® reserves the right to cancel any event or change event dates if necessary. In the unlikely situation that this may occur, a full refund of all monies paid will be returned to the client. For this reason, we highly recommend purchasing travel cancellation insurance to protect your trip investment in the event of date changes, illness, emergency, weather conditions, or any unforeseen circumstances.