Cheryl Lee

Two years ago I was in constant, agonising pain, and dosed up on meds.  My Pilates, back care and especially my yoga knowledge were of help - but not enough. A very well-know and respected chronic pain specialist and author told me my my nervous system was permanently damaged and I should begin to use a wheelchair.  (I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy and a spondylolisthesis).

Then I found Somatics.  After five minutes of a movement on You Tube (I kid you not!), incredibly, my pain began to subside.  I had to find out more. By some twist of fate, Martha Peterson happened to be visiting the UK at the time, and I was able to book a clinical session with her.  I was amazed to have a pain-free week.  I felt I had found the missing link to long term pain relief that years of yoga, Pilates, physio and pain management hadn't been able to access. With daily somatic movements, I was able to come off the medication very quickly, and lead a normal life again. In fact, it changed my life.  I signed up to the Exercise Coach Training immediately, and have just started my Clinical Training.  

I teach classes and workshops in Somatics and Dru Yoga (a therapeutic form of yoga), and see clients for one to one Somatic Movement coaching.

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