David Fleming


I've been teaching workshops and classes locally in Leeds and the further afield throughout the UK since 2013. My journey into Hanna Somatics began in October 2008 when I trained as a Nia teacher. Over the next six years I continued my development as a Nia teacher progressing through the training levels to complete Black Belt training in August 2014. As I progressed I became especially interested in the somatic aspects of Nia, which included elements from Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais Method. In July 2010, I trained as a Nia 5 Stages teacher which focuses on developmental movement patterns. From May 2012, I have been an Aerial Yoga Teacher and in July 2015 became an Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainer.

In March 2013, I hosted and attended the Hanna Somatic Exercise Coach Training Level 1 with Martha Peterson. I have hosted and/or assisted five more HSEC Level 1 trainings in Leeds and York. From that original HSEC training I've developed my own one-to-one Somatic Exercise Coaching practise working with many different clients including professional horse riders, Yoga teachers, runners, and dancers.

I am currently undertaking Clinical Somatic Education training with Essential Somatics®, and will be fully certified in October 2017. I'm currently enjoying teaching regular Hanna Somatics classes at Northern School of Contemporary Dance and as of 2016 I've begun to work with runners, martial artists, and even more Yoga teachers. I currently teach one-to-one clinical Somatics sessions and movement sessions in and around Leeds. I also offer Hanna Somatics workshops in and around the North of England.


Contact Me

Phone: 07702665283
Email: david@accessmovement.co.uk
Website: accessmovement.devhub.com/somatics