Katrina Hinton

Katrina Hinton is a Canberra-based yoga and somatics teacher. She offers a space and time where you will be guided back to Self.

Katrina teaches classes that invite you to let go of expectations of what you should or shouldn’t do or look like in a pose. Instead you are encouraged to be curious about sensations and learn to fine tune your internal experience of movements. Ultimately this leads to more control, comfort and ease of movement; one of the fundamental aims of yoga; sthira and suhka.

Katrina teaches a mix of classes including one-on-one sessions, yoga therapy, and somatics to enable you to move with more ease or relieve pain associated with muscular and postural conditions. She also conducts private somatic assessments for people ready to take charge of their own well-being.

Katrina has been deepening her understanding of somatic movement and yoga over the last 12 years through continued studies in yoga and somatic movement education, her own practice and her students.

Contact Me

Phone: +61 419449831
Email: katrina@freetomoveyoga.com
Website: www.freetomoveyoga.com