Marcy Coelho


Marcy Coelho is a Clinical Somatic Educator-in-training and successfully completed HSEC Level 1 in 2016.

Marcy is based near Edmonton, AB; she offers clinical sessions and is available for workshops and clinics for riders. She specializes in Rider Posture (referred to as “dressage seat”) and remains a devoted Biomechanics Coach for Riders since 1998. In 2003, she achieved highest marks for International Trainer certification at Warendorf, Germany.

Why Somatics for athletes and performance riders? Somatic movements were Marcy’s salvation and solution to an acute low-back/hip injury in 2015.

Once her pain was resolved, Marcy continued practicing with specific Somatics before or after riding, which accumulated to dissolve chronic issues she had been living with for years: migraines (whiplash), numbness/tingling at night, shoulder restriction, inability to lift things, aching joints, one stirrup too short, etc. Very soon she was able to ride fully engaged and recovered from those chronic issues — the results spoke for themselves: in one season she advanced 2 levels in competitions… to train and win the 4th level Dressage Championship at AB Provincials!

In her words: “For me, Dressage is like Somatics: the detail, attention, and finely-tuned physical control results in effective, beautifully coordinated movement. Pain, restrictions, and chronic tensions dissolve. Somatic practice is the perfect access to develop the full Potential in horses and Riders!’’

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Phone: 780-975-2515