Online Sessions

If you do not have a Clinical (Hanna) Somatic Educator in your area, but would like to begin learning how to move pain-free, online Skype  sessions are available for distance clients. 

A one-hour online session* includes:

  • Detailed assessment of your posture
  • Assessment of your gait, if computer viewing allows
  • Detailed health history
  • Personalized movement lesson focusing on your particular muscular pain patterns.
  • Self-care advice regarding sitting, standing, and daily functional movement

*Because these sessions are online and do not allow for the same hands-on guidance one would receive in an in-person clinical session, a series of at least three sessions are advised in order to integrate the learning.

To Prepare:

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing for easy movement.
  • Clear a space on the floor with enough room for you to lie down and spread your arms without touching anything.  To ensure comfort, we recommend using a yoga mat.
  • Make sure your space is quiet and without distractions. (Focused, uninterrupted concentration will help you get the most out of your session.)
  • Become familiar with Clinical Somatics by reading material from the Learning Center, or by reading our blog.
  • Ask a friend or partner to assist you with positioning  the computer so that Martha can best view your movement.
  • Pay online before your scheduled appointment.
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