Pain Relief Through Movement

Have you tried everything for your pain and only experienced short term results? Then it’s time to try Clinical Somatic Education.

Welcome to Essential Somatics®

Essential Somatics® is dedicated to helping you resolve chronic muscle pain so you can move with mastery, joy, and ease for the rest of your life.

We do this by teaching a method called Clinical Somatic Education, a comprehensive system of movement education based on the work of Thomas Hanna, Ph.D.

We are also committed to ensuring the next generation of skilled somatic movement teachers and clinical practitioners by providing the highest quality training programs.

Dare to hope

Do you want to live pain free?

Essential Somatics® combines hands-on clinical techniques and a daily movement practice that puts you back in control of your own body and movement. Learn to eliminate chronic muscle pain and improve self-awareness, mobility and physical comfort for the long term.

Essential Somatics® is appropriate for all ages and abilities; it teaches you life-long skills to restore fluid, effortless, and joyful movement – on your own, wherever you are and whenever you need it.

Welcome to a new you

Clinical Somatic Education is a groundbreaking method that uses gentle, mindful movement to bring new awareness and possibility into every part of your life. Originally developed by Dr Thomas Hanna, Clinical Somatic Education continues to evolve through Essential Somatics and has helped thousands of people of all ages across the globe.

Relieve Chronic Pain

Age Comfortably

Feel Empowered

Take Care of Yourself

Improve Flexibility

Increase Energy

Restore Balance

Create Calm

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FREE Mini Course

Whether you’re new to Essential Somatics® or you’d like a little refresher – this is the course for you.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

  • How persistent stress, not “aging,” contributes to pain and stiffness over time
  • What Clinical Somatic Education is and how it works to restore your health and vitality
  • Four basic movements that will reset your body and help you reclaim your mobility

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Train with us

Do you want to empower others?

Essential Somatics® offers high quality professional training. Become certified to teach others in an individual or group setting. Learn how to teach Essential Somatics (ES) movements by understanding the principles and concepts behind this work.

Take your journey further by learning the specific hands-on techniques that make individual in person sessions so powerful.

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Free Online Course

Move Without Pain

Learn how to relieve your chronic muscle pain.

For the next five days, join Martha Peterson as she guides you through a series of safe, gentle movements designed to alleviate common neck, shoulder, back, hip and leg issues.