We often refer to the Arch and Flatten movement as a “bread and butter” movement – meaning that it is fundamental to a Somatic Movement practice. It’s generally the first movement in your practice. When you release the muscles of the front and back you can more easily release the muscles of the waist that allow you to twist and rotate.

It’s the simplest and safest movement you can do to relieve lower back pain.

The main aims of this movement are to release the muscles of the back (green light) and the front (red light) and encourage them to play nicely together.

However, by the very nature of this work, we are probably doing the movements in the habits that we’re trying to address. So taking a step back and cultivating a beginner’s mind every time you do your practice will help you notice what you’re actually doing when you arch and flatten.  

Check out this updated Arch and Flatten video for a deliciously detailed explanation and demonstration.