How do you feel when you see a video that says, “This is the only video you’ll ever need to fix X, Y, or Z” in your body? Or it claims instant pain relief as if you only need to do this once and you’ll never have your pain again?

So you watch the video, do the exercise, feel pain relief (or not), and then…it comes back again.

At Essential Somatics we work with people who have “tried everything” to relieve their pain and only gotten short-term relief. They feel as if they’re just not getting it or aren’t smart enough or just don’t understand because they’ve tried these “instant pain relief” videos and haven’t experienced the results promised.

Here’s why:

  1. Most chronic muscle pain is the result of long-term habituation to stress.
  2. Habituation to stress (emotional, mental, or physical) creates dysfunctional movement patterns, which leads to tight muscles and pain. This happens over time.
  3. While you can get “instant” pain relief from doing certain Somatic Movements, your brain will likely go back to the old, familiar way of doing things unless you continue to re-educate the brain/muscle connection on a consistent, daily basis.

For example, you can learn Arch and Flatten and the Back Lift and get “instant pain relief.” Yet, if you go back to a go-go-go lifestyle and never stop to remind the muscles of the front and back to relax, your back pain will return.

So beware of the “magic pill” when it is offered. Commit to learning to sense and move yourself with skill, intelligence, and efficiency. This will confer lifelong skills and pain relief that you may never have imagined possible.