There are more than 300.000 lumbar spinal fusions performed each year in the United States. Clinical Somatic Educators routinely see clients with spinal fusions in order to help them learn to release the overly contracted muscles and muscular holding patterns to restore as much movement as possible, as comfortably as possible.

Somatic Movement is safe and in fact, highly recommended if you’ve had a spinal fusion. Whether your fusion was due to scoliosis or the more common fusion of the L5/S1 vertebrae the one thing you want to be able to do for the rest of your life is move with awareness, comfort, and freedom.

When you have a fusion, while the area of the fusion may now be strengthened, the muscles around the site of fusion may still hold tension. As Laura Gates, CCSE says, “It is important to note that the vertebrae just above and below the fusion are more vulnerable to injury. You can use Somatic Movement very subtly; start with smaller pandiculations and gentle effort and then increase over time.”

Martha Carter, ESMT, an expert in fusions for scoliosis, has this to add, “Essential Somatics is the best thing ever for people with spinal fusion!
It is a great tool as it helps each person adjust and integrate on every level. It helps to reclaim mobility and proprioception in myriad ways. And the fact that it is an extremely safe movement system is an added bonus.”

Our vertebrae and discs need movement in order to stay healthy; Somatic Movement and gentle pandiculation helps restore movement and relieve tension so that your entire spine can move more freely.