Brenda Tutt


Brenda Tutt is a Clinical Somatic Educator in training, HSEC Level 1 Trained Movement Coach, and Registered Massage Therapist who has been practicing the art of multi-modal bodywork since 2001. She is based in Canmore, Alberta and offers private Clinical Somatic sessions and Somatic Movement classes. Her desire to train as a Clinical Somatic Educator stems from a passion to help people find relief from the pain in their lives. Pain and discomfort in our bodies can take over our lives, impacting our careers, relationships, happiness, and sense of fulfillment.

She was drawn to begin her most recent studies in Somatic Education after one of her sisters eagerly shared her experience of a session with a Somatic Educator that gave that gave her pain relief, like nothing before. Inspired to help her clients achieve even greater benefits, Brenda took her sister’s advice: “You should study this!”

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Phone: (403) 679-1221
Address: Canmore, AB