Heidi Hadley


About Me

Heidi is trained in Clinical Somatics and is the founder and creator of Total Somatics. The Total Somatics program gives clients greater awareness of their bodies and movement patterns, and educates them with a skill set so they can perform specific Somatic Exercises for 10-20 minutes each day in the comfort of their own home.

Heidi runs a thriving private practice in Adelaide, South Australia. She also travels within Australia and overseas to teach the powerful yet delicate movement sequences which Dr. Thomas Hanna created.  She attends post graduate courses within Australia and the United Kingdom to ensure that she provides her clients with the latest in Somatic Education.

Heidi conducts corporate Somatics at clients' work places and conducts private Somatics sessions at the client’s home. Heidi is very excited to bring Total Somatics to you!

Contact Me

Phone: 041 454 1564
Email: info@heidihadley.com
Website: www.totalsomatics.com
Somatics Classes: Partridge House, 38 Partridge St., Glenelg, Adelaide, SA 5045
Somatics Cycling Classes: The Bike Station, 352 Brighton Rd., Hove, SA 5048