Karyn Clark


About Me

Karyn Clark, CCSE, is a Certified Clinical Somatic Educator, McTimoney Chiropractor, Neuromuscular Reeducation practitioner, and Doula. She spent many years attending a wide range of professional training courses as a Chiropractor including Pilates, Kinesiology, Craniosacral therapy, and many more searching for that missing link.

When Karyn came to the HSEC Level 1 training in 2013, she fell in love with Somatics from day one. For her it filled in all the blanks; it was that missing link she had been looking for. Having been a McTimoney Chiropractor since 2004, she knew that some of her clients just didn't "get better" — they would improve for a short while, but then return with the same problems and the same imbalances in the body. She would treat them again and they would happily go away pain-free... until the next time. Through Clinical Somatics Karyn learned why her clients' pain always returned, and how she could help them.

For Karyn, Somatics has not only helped her to unravel her own aches and pains, but has also helped her to alleviate the stress that she didn't know she was carrying around. Karyn went from being a tightly coiled spring to being able to step back and view life differently. “Many people come to Somatics for physical pain and restricted movement, but actually gain so much more from the profound affect it has on emotional health. It really is a hidden gem!”

Karyn has a busy and diverse clinic offering one-on-one clinical sessions and group classes. She works with a wide range of clients from Triathletes to children, the elderly, and pregnant women. Being able to educate people about movement and helping them to alleviate the restrictions in their body, and ultimately their life, is a great pleasure.

Contact Me

Phone: UK 01462 486444
Email: info@evergreenwellness.co.uk
Website: www.evergreenwellness.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lifesomaticsuk