Lisa Wieben


Lisa Wieben is a Certified Clinical Somatic Educator based near Bowden/Olds, Alberta. She provides clinical sessions as well as live classes, online classes, and Somatic workshops. As a horse trainer and Centered Riding Instructor she loves working with riders, guiding them to release muscle tension and providing them a deeper awareness of their bodies. Freedom to move, freedom to ride! She has developed Somatic Rider Clinics where participants have, over 3 days, a daily movement class as well as dismounted exercises to bring awareness to habits and to their connection to their horse. They are then led through mounted exercises. Many of Lisa's clients will book a Somatics session and then a riding lesson when they come so they can feel the difference immediately on the horse! Lisa also works with non-riders. Somatics is for all ages and backgrounds!

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Phone: 403-335-5993