Martha Peterson


About Me

Martha Peterson is a Certified Clinical Somatic Educator and founder of Essential Somatics® practicing in the Denver, Colorado area. Martha’s expertise comes from over 30 years of working with professionals in the field of dance, bodywork, and somatic disciplines. She discovered Clinical (Hanna) Somatic Education after suffering chronic hip and knee pain due to injuries and resulting compensation after years of dancing professionally; CSE is the only method that taught her to reverse her hip pain and postural imbalances, and restore freedom of movement and movement choices. Martha discovered that restoring the skill of self-sensing is the key to a life of movement, life mastery, and joy.

Martha teaches trainings and workshops across the United States and internationally and offers private clinical sessions in the Denver Metro area. Martha works with clients who have struggled with chronic muscle or joint pain, and postural and mobility problems. She teaches clients how to regain freedom of movement and achieve long-term pain relief using the gentle and revolutionary techniques of Clinical Somatics. Martha conducts online video sessions for distance clients who seek personalized help for pain relief and improved movement.

Contact Me

Address: 8795 Ralston Rd. Suite 202D, Arvada, CO 80002