Pam Blangy


Pam Blangy is a Clinical Somatic Educator in Training with 19 years of experience in movement and education. Her practice is based in Katy, TX where she offers private clinical somatic sessions and Somatic Movement workshops throughout Texas. A lifelong learner, Pam attends and teaches at numerous teaching facilities in the US and abroad. Pam was inspired to study Hanna Somatics after being exposed to the work during a Fascia Movement workshop; she was intrigued about the possibilities of the brain’s plasticity to help regain freedom of movement and releasing muscular tension. Pam enjoys sharing this profound method with her students and clients to maximize their health, their self-empowerment, and transforming potential.

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Phone: (713) 471-0683
Address: Pilates And Motion, 21322 Provincial Blvd, Katy, TX 77450