Sandi Beaupre


Sandi Beaupre is currently enrolled in the Clinical Somatic Educator program with Essential Somatics and teaches Somatic Movement classes in Guelph, Ontario.

With an athletic background, she was naturally drawn to a degree in Kinesiology and Physical Education. After completing a Bachelor of Education, her initial work-life was focused on teaching Health & Physical Education and coaching athletics both internationally and locally. In 2007, her dedicated yoga practice led her to Thai Massage, changing the trajectory of her professional life. She opened mettafor in 2009 specializing in Thai massage and over the past 10 years has continued to expand her knowledge and skills in other modalities including Reiki, Qi Gong, Access Consciousness, Acuball Therapy & Gentle Somatic Yoga. Sandi has worked privately with clients and taught classes, workshops and retreats over the years.

As her personal and professional interest became more focused on pain and trauma resolution, Sandi was eventually led to Essential Somatics in May 2017. She instantly fell in love with the practice and its effects.  It helped her to understand and more fully remedy not only her own habitual patterns and past trauma, but those of her clients.  As someone who has always been fascinated with the mind/body connection and drawn to methods that practice self-responsibility, empowerment, and awareness, she’s especially excited about the educational process that Clinical Somatics offers. Her mission is to connect with people to facilitate personal growth, and physical/mental wellbeing through a holistic and somatic approach.

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