Sharon Smith-Carter


About Me

Sharon has successfully completed both HSEC Levels 1 & 2 trainings with Essential Somatics® and will complete her final module of the CSE Professional Training Program in June 2019. As yoga studio owner and instructor for 20 years, she has always been drawn to practices of a somatic and therapeutic nature. With a special interest in mental health, she incorporates somatics, yoga and qi-gong practices as a way for her clients to access their bodies in a safe and gentle way.

Somatics has given both Sharon and her clients an accessible yet powerful practice to work towards balance and healing within their bodies and whole-being. Sharon believes that a somatic practice uncovers the re-set button of awareness of moving throughout our day with a more vivid sense of presence. She offers both on-going Somatic group classes and private Clinical Somatic Session and specialty series for those wishing to improve their golf or tennis game.

Contact Me

Phone: 705-878-1212