Essential Somatics Services

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Private Clinical Sessions

Private clinical  sessions are the most rapid way to address your particular pattern of chronic pain. During each individualized session you will learn to restore voluntary control of specific muscle groups and movement patterns through the use of the hands-on clinical methods of Thomas Hanna, and other present-day somatic pioneers.. Most clients report improvement as soon as the conclusion of the first session. Reeducating movement takes time, so 3-6 sessions are recommended.

online Somatics sessions

Private online clinical sessions are the next best option if you do not have a Somatic practitioner near you. During each individualized session you will learn to restore voluntary control of specific muscle groups and movement patterns. Because online sessions do not allow for the same hands-on guidance one would receive in an in-person clinical session, a series of at least three sessions are advised in order to integrate the learning. 

Clinical Somatics Workshops

Martha teaches specialty workshops and trainings, both in the United States and internationally.  Essential Somatics® Somatic Movement workshops provide somatic solutions to those suffering from common muscular pain conditions and restricted movement due to adaptation to the stresses of life. Each workshop teaches exercises and self-care tools for pain-relief and improved movement. The focus of each workshop is targeted to a specific muscle pain condition (e.g. back, neck/shoulder pain, or hip pain) or population (e.g. athletes, runners, office workers).

Phone Consultation

Phone consultations are an excellent opportunity to receive Martha's Somatic Education perspective on your particular muscle pain patterns or mobility issues. You will be able to  ask questions, share your history of muscle pain or injury, and consult with Martha to discuss the best options for you to learn how to reverse your muscle pain, regain mobility, efficient movement, and improve your quality of life.

Online Sessions

Online sessions offer many of the benefits of in-person sessions to those without a Certified Hanna Somatic Educator nearby. These personalized sessions teach you to begin to relieve your chronic muscle pain in the comfort of your own home. After a thorough assessment you will be guided through a series of Somatic Exercises that will help you begin to reverse your muscle pain and restore freedom of movement.