About the Move Without Pain Course


Thank you for your interest in the Essential Somatics® free 5-day Move Without Pain course.

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What to expect over the next 5 days

Each day, you'll receive a quick 15-minute lesson where I explain the principles of Hanna Somatics and lead you through a short movement session that should reduce your chronic muscle pain and leave you feeling relaxed.

What you'll learn

  •  How most muscle pain develops and how to reverse it (or the root cause of most chronic muscle pain)
  •  What Hanna Somatics is and how it works to restore your health and vitality
  •  How persistent stress, not “aging," contributes to pain and stiffness over time
  •  Four basic movements that will reset your body and help you reclaim your mobility

I can’t wait to hear your feedback as you progress through this course!


Martha Peterson, CHSE
Founder, Essential Somatics