Essential Somatics® 3-Year Clinical Somatic Education Certification Training

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Now accepting applications for:

CAN 3 Class (Edmonton, AB)
Application deadline: Feb. 28, 2020

US 5 Class (Denver, CO)
Application deadline: Mar. 13, 2020

Program Overview

In this three-year certification program, students will become qualified and skilled at teaching Clinical Somatic Education, founded on the work of Thomas Hanna.  Students will learn the clinical hands-on protocols, methods, concepts, and principles that improve sensory motor control to those suffering from sensory motor system and functional muscle pain. This training is appropriate for those in the healthcare profession, massage therapists, bodywork, and movement.

Somatic Education is the missing link in scientific knowledge and medical care for pain reversal or relief. This method of sensory motor training can save millions of dollars in unnecessary medical costs, and help people everywhere eliminate chronic and acute functional muscle pain.

Clinical Somatic Education provides the following benefits:

  • Educational skills that clients can use for the rest of their lives to maintain optimum movement, overall health, physical independence, and freedom of movement.

  • Scientifically-based system of learning that successfully addresses the root cause of most chronic muscle pain.

  • Supportive and encouraging partnership between client and practitioner that fosters client responsibility, self-motivation, and somatic mastery of basic movement skills.

  • Improved sensory motor awareness and control for clients who have lost the ability to move freely.

What People Are Saying About the Essential Somatics® CSE Program

The course is thorough and detailed and provides all the information and practice you need to become confident in clinical Somatics. Martha’s emphasis on the importance of personal practice brings additional depth and quality to this programme… and [it] shines through in the authenticity and quality of her and her fellow teachers.
— Elizabeth W., Canada 1 CSE student
The quality of the ES CSE training has been fantastic; Martha and all the facilitators share their passion, knowledge, and expertise with such skill, compassion, and fun. I’d recommend this training to anyone who wants to dive in deep to fully embody Hanna Somatics and the wonderful gifts it has to share.
— Jahna C., Europe 3 CSE student
We must learn to stay well and pain-free, and learning and exploring is the only way to improve as we get older. Joining the CSE program is the best way to realize and learn that and Martha Peterson is the best person who can show and teach you how to do it with understanding, passion, and joy.
— Ales Ernst, CCSE, AEQ Clinical Somatics
Good organization, thoughtful training communication, feedback, easy-to-understand learning materials, support, and timely response to questions are key features of Essential Somatics’ CSE program. Martha and her staff are passionate and knowledgeable about Somatic Education and they practice what they teach.
— Tricia E., NJ 2 CSE student
I am very happy with the choice to take this training. It is not just a choice for further education, but a choice to shift my life. It has deepened my awareness on all levels and connected me to a feeling of purpose and confidence that, despite years of various trainings, I just didn’t have before.
— Anna E., Canada 1 CSE student