Essential Somatics® Movement Teacher Training: Level 1

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The Essential Somatics® Movement Teacher Training (ESMTT) Level 1 is the first of a comprehensive two-part certification course in Somatic Movement that is based on the principles, movements, and concepts developed by Thomas Hanna and other somatic pioneers. The ESMTT Level 1 introduces the concepts and principles of Somatic Education and teaching Essential Somatics Movement, and the ten foundational somatic movements for freedom of movement and the reduction of functional pain. Our ESMTT program includes an enhanced approach to personal somatic exploration, mentorship, and coaching. These elements support our teachers in their ability to empower students to create a life of physical freedom, mastery, and joy.

This course is intended for individuals who are driven and passionate about supporting others through embodied coaching of Essential Somatics (ES) movements, to take back control of their bodies, and movement, and move pain-free. 



  1. Required Reading:
    Somatics: Reawakening the Mind's Control of Movement, Flexibility and Health by Thomas Hanna
    Move Without Pain by Martha Peterson

  2. Successful completion of an Essential Somatics® Fundamentals Immersion Course or Somatics for Athletics workshop at least 2 months prior to the start of the ESMTT Level 1 to which you intend to apply

 Students will learn:

  • How to skillfully teach the ten foundational Somatic Movements that help restore freedom of movement and reduce functional muscle pain.

  • How Sensory Motor Amnesia shows up in the practice of Somatic Movements

  • Cueing and corrections to guide students to receive the most benefit from these powerful movements and from a personal practice.

Students that apply to the two-part ESMTT program and successfully complete both training modules, all coursework, and pass all written and practical exams, will receive the designation of a 200-hour Essential Somatic Movement Teacher (ESMT).

For students wishing to deepen their knowledge of Somatic Movement, ESMTT Level 1 will be the foundational gateway to further somatic training, and is the prerequisite for the Essential Somatics® Clinical Somatic Education (CSE) Training.


$1000 early bird
$1200 full price
Includes 4-day training only

Cancellation Policy

You may request a full refund minus a 20% cancellation fee if canceling more than 4 weeks prior to training start date. No refund will be available if canceling less than 4 weeks prior to training start date.

Essential Somatics® reserves the right to cancel any event or change event dates if necessary. In the unlikely situation that this may occur, a full refund of all monies paid will be returned to the client. For this reason, we highly recommend purchasing travel cancellation insurance to protect your trip investment in the event of date changes, illness, emergency, weather conditions, or any unforeseen circumstances.