Essential Somatics Fundamentals Course

In person comprehensive weekend course for anyone who wants to live a pain-free full and active life.

Essential Somatics Fundamentals Course

In person comprehensive weekend course for anyone who wants to live a pain-free full and active life.

Move Freely Again

The truth is that you can feel good in your body again and move well for the rest of your life. Join us for a LIVE Fundamentals course to learn why you’re in pain and most importantly what you can do about it.

Are you tired of not feeling good, no matter your age?

Does your back pain make it hard to focus at work and keeps you from sleeping well?

Are you stiff and sore when getting up from sitting or lying down?

Have you tried everything but nothing gets rid of your pain?

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Discover the root cause of your pain by understanding how stress creates chronic muscle tension and limited movement. Receive live instruction with practical application that will equip you with a daily practice that meets your specific needs. Gain the education and tools you need so you can move forward towards a more vibrant life of awareness, movement, and self-agency.

What People are Saying

Our Fundamentals Course Curriculum Includes

Two Full Days of Interactive Training & Guidance

Meeting from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. each day with breaks in the morning, afternoon and for lunch



  • ^Understand how new-to-you concepts (somatics, pandiculation, sensory motor amnesia) work better than other methods.
  • ^Discover how personal responses contribute to stress and muscle tension
  • ^Identify your own pattern of Sensory Motor Amnesia
  • ^Experience the benefits of nature’s reset button (pandiculation)


  • ^Experience and identify the stress reflexes: Green Light, Red Light
  • ^Learn movements to release the front and back of the body, and release tension in the periphery
  • ^Learn movements to improve rotation, reconnect to your legs, and breathe more easily



  • ^Uncover how your brain develops habits
  • ^Connect with a new awareness of your body and your habits
  • ^Interactive group sharing that lead to learning moments
  • ^Identify principles and strategies for self-care
  • ^Create your personal daily practice


  • ^Discover a-ha moments in your movement and awareness
  • ^Experience seated movement for At-Work Strategies
  • ^Experience and identify the stress reflex: Trauma
  • ^Learn walking movements to restore a free and easy gait


The Essential Somatics Fundamentals Workbook is an easy-to-follow guide that contains helpful tips and photos for creating and maintaining your personal home movement practice. With space for taking notes, articles about the history of somatics, and much more–this workbook helps you stay on point, focused, and inspired.

Upcoming Courses

Early bird discount is 10% off the full price. See below for the codes.

Discounts for taking a previous Fundamentals course and for ESMTT graduates. Email for the codes.

Online Intro to Somatic Movement Course

Hitchin UK Fundamentals

Instructor: Karyn Clark, CCSE

Dates: November 26 – 27 2022: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Location: Mary Exton Primary School, St Michaels Road, Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG4 0QA

Cost: $425 USD

Early Bird Pricing Until October 21st
Use code EARLYHITCH at checkout.

Online Intro to Somatic Movement Course

Reno, NV Fundamentals

Instructor: Martha Peterson, CCSE

Dates: December 3-4 2022: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Location: Gerber Medical, 1225 Westfield Ave Floor 2, Reno, NV 89509

Cost: $425 USD

Early Bird Pricing Until October 28th
Use Code: EARLYRENO at checkout. 


How to Prepare

Bring paper and pen, water, and a yoga mat.  Wear loose, comfortable clothing (no jeans, skirts, or dresses) that is easy to move in, as this is a movement-based course.

Fundamentals FAQs

I don't have a lot of movement experience. Is that okay?

Absolutely. This course is open to all ages and backgrounds. Anyone who wants to learn how to feel better and move their body pain-free is welcome.

I have scoliosis. Is this course appropriate for me?

Yes. You will be guided to go slowly and gently. You may find that smaller movements are best for beginning to address the muscle tension inherent in scoliosis. We will show you what to do so it works well for you and your needs.

Do I have to get down on the floor?

Yes. While we will do a seated routine towards the end of the weekend, most of the movements will be done on the floor.

Do I need to attend the entire weekend?

Yes. To understand and experience the power of Essential Somatics Fundamentals, you need to be fully present for the entire weekend. We strongly encourage arriving on time and staying through to the end.

Am I responsible for my transportation, accommodations, and meals?

Yes. When you register, you will need to make your travel arrangements, including transportation to/from the meeting and finding a hotel or AirBnB near our meeting venue. You will also need to purchase your meals.

Do you offer scholarships?

No. We’ve made the price point for this positive life-altering class as affordable as possible in the hopes of accommodating everyone.

Do you offer an online version of this course?

We are focused on building up a full roster of live, in-person sessions throughout the year. If you are not ready or are unable to attend the Fundamentals Course in person, we invite you to attend the Online Intro to Somatic Movement Series instead.

There are just three dates and locations listed right now. Do you plan to add more dates and locations?

Absolutely. We will continue to build out the live, in-person class options. As they become available, we will update everyone who is on our email list and connected with us through social media.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards and Apple Pay using PayPal and Stripe.

Are these movements guaranteed to work for me?

Essential Somatics Fundamentals Course works from the inside out. Like anything in life, you have to put in the time and effort to experience results consistently. While the methods and movements you will learn are not a magic pill, most people walk away feeling better than they have in years.

More questions? Visit the FAQs page