Our Mission is to help people learn to move with mastery and joy

We are dedicated to educating those whose goal is to reclaim their freedom of movement and live a life of self-awareness, firmly empowered in the present.

The ES Story

Essential Somatics® was founded in 2010 by Martha Peterson (CCSE) as a solo practice offering clinical sessions, classes, and workshops. When her book, Move Without Pain, was released in 2011, word began to spread about Essential Somatics and the work of the late Somatic pioneer, Thomas Hanna. Soon Martha was teaching overseas, and Essential Somatics began to grow rapidly.

Martha Peterson

More than a decade on, Essential Somatics® has grown into one of the top training schools for students wanting to learn Clinical Somatic Education (in the style of Thomas Hanna). ES is one of only a few schools offering in-person training for hands-on clinical sessions, a hugely important aspect of this work. In order to deliver this diverse programme, Martha has gathered a teaching team of highly skilled and devoted Clinical Somatic Educators. Today ES offers introductory courses, certification training in Essential Somatics Movement and Clinical Somatic Education, embodied movement for corporate leadership, and multi-day retreats.

  • "Finding this work has completely changed my life and my outlook for my future."

    Gabriel Posner

The teachings of Essential Somatics were originally founded in the work of Thomas Hanna and Moshe Feldenkrais, but have evolved to incorporate perspectives from trauma research, ontological coaching, and developmental movement; as the Soma develops, so does Essential Somatics. What remains constant is the highest caliber of instruction from teachers who themselves continue to learn and grow so they can help others reverse the effects of chronic stress and become the best possible version of themselves.

How we are making a difference

We bring people together

to share the experience of reconnecting with ourselves

We create a community

of curious, self-aware and empathic people

We collaborate

with a diverse group of highly skilled teachers and practitioners

We empower people

to look after themselves instead of having to rely on others

We provide

the tools and education for life-long learning and freedom of movement

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  • How persistent stress, not “aging,” contributes to pain and stiffness over time
  • What Clinical Somatic Education is and how it works to restore your health and vitality
  • Four basic movements that will reset your body and help you reclaim your mobility

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