Essential Somatics®️ Movement Teacher Training

This immersive 6-month, 200hr certification will teach you how to confidently guide others through Somatic Movements, using the concepts and priniciples developed by Thomas Hanna.

The program is designed to help you learn new skills, discover more about yourself, and challenge you in new and exciting ways. 

Are you ready to help people swap pain and discomfort for movement and joy?

Applications Open September 1, 2024

Become an Essential Somatics®️ Movement Teacher

Dive deep into the wisdom of the body, unlock its innate intelligence, and emerge as a skilled teacher with the confidence to empower others on their path to pain-free movement.

Join us and become a catalyst for profound change through the power of Somatic Movement.

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Get Certified So You Can Transform Lives

We believe that everyone should have access to high quality teachers, which is why we’re on a mission to have them in every city worldwide. We understand what it’s like to want to share this work, yet not feel confident to do so. That’s why we support you by providing in depth training programs led by the best teachers in the business.

We will empower you to positively impact numerous lives with confidence and guide others through the transformative benefits of this practice with clarity and precision.

Whether you’re:

A Movement Teacher
who wants to diversify your income and/or make existing classes more somatic

A Health Care Professional
who is looking for a missing link to elevate your success with clients

A Curious Person
who is looking to deepen your own knowledge, or is interested in a career shift or side hustle.

You’re in the right place!

Essential Somatics delivers top-tier training that equips you with the confidence and expertise to safely and effectively guide others in cultivating sustainable, enjoyable movement.

“What an amazing experience I have had on the teacher training course; life-changing, character-building, career-enhancing and confidence-boosting, and so much more! I have already recommended it to other people who I think would make good teachers. The tutors are all very knowledgeable and super enthusiastic, and this comes across in the 4 day intensive weekends. I already teach Pilates and general movement classes, so what I have learned dovetails beautifully with this. I’m in the process of setting up classes in my local area, and weaving somatic movement in to my already established classes. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! I can’t wait to come back for the clinical training!

Carrie – Certified Essentials Somatics Movement Teacher

What Does the Course Include?

in person

Two in-person 4-day modules of training to learn how to teach groups

Online Learning

10 group sessions (2-3 hours each) including group practice



Regular mentoring sessions, including advice on clients


A virtual learning platform including videos, audios, and student manuals


Practice classes to complete as well as written assignments


Teach a class in front of others for the practical assessment

2025 Courses

Applications Open September 1, 2024!

Next Start Date

January 2025

Module 1: January 30–February 2, 2025
Online Learning: Between Module 1 & 2
Module 2: July 3–6, 2025

£3000 (£200 deposit + 4 x £700 monthly payments)

Next Start Date

January 2025

Module 1: January 9-12, 2025
Online Learning: Between Module 1 & 2
Module 2: June 26-29, 2025

$3800 USD ($200 deposit + 4 x $900 monthly payments)

Next Courses – Starting January 2026

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Next Start Date: January 2026

Investment: £3000 (£200 deposit + 4 x £700 monthly installments)

Applications: Open Sep 1, 2025

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Next Start Date: January 2026

Location: Bhakti Barn Yoga, 391 Millburn Ave, NJ 07041

Investment: $3800 USD ($200 deposit + 4 x $900 monthly installments)

Applications: Open Sep 1, 2025

Course Outline

The ESMTT is a 200hr certification that takes place over 6 months

Module 1

  • Concepts and principles of Somatic Education and Somatic Movement
  • Foundational Somatic Movement patterns that address sensory motor amnesia (SMA), decrease functional muscular pain, and enhance overall control and brain-to-muscle connection in full-body movement 
  • Basic neurophysiology and anatomy relevant to the three stress reflexes defined by Thomas Hanna
  • How to assess the three stress reflexes in relation to teaching Somatic Movements
  • How to assess SMA as it manifests in the ten fundamental Somatic Movements
  • Safe teaching practices
  • Effective language cues to guide clients/students
  • How to create an effective Somatic Movement class focusing on foundational movements

Module 2

  • Advanced Somatic Movement sequences designed to address specific muscle pain conditions and functional disorders
  • Seated Somatic Movements
  • How to create an effective class incorporating advanced movements
  • Sequencing of Somatic Movements for optimum functionality
  • How to adapt movements to accommodate and address different limitations or conditions
  •  Refine teaching skills through practicing with peers and receiving feedback from instructors

“I am a psychotherapist and a yoga teacher. I first saw Martha on an online Feldenkrais summit. I was recovering from spinal surgery and unable to do yoga. The Essential Somatic movements seemed to take away my pain. After reading Martha’s book and watching her videos I wanted to know more so I signed up for her Fundamentals weekend workshop. I cried many times that first weekend. It was clear something new was opening up for me… A pathway out of pain!. Learning from different teachers. Learning the different styles and ceilings, all under Essential Somatics was my favourite part of the ESMTT. I already teach yoga in a yoga studio and I can’t wait to add a somatic movement class to our list of options!”

Denise, Certified Essential Somatics Movement Teacher

By the End of This Program, You Will Have…


Assessment Skills

Assess stress reflex patterns of muscle dysfunction in clients to help them understand where they’re holding tension and how stress impacts them.


Teaching Skills

Design Somatic Movement classes that effectively teach clients to improve their sensory motor functioning and resolve specific patterns of muscle tension.


Confidence to Empower People

Provide long-lasting education and self-care tools to increase resilience to stress, and become more self-aware and self-actualizing in life.


Found a Community

Connect with like-minded people, know that you are not alone in your struggles, and support each other on this new and exciting journey.

Pre-Application Checklist

Prerequisite training

  • Successful completion of an Essential Somatics® Fundamentals Course or Retreat

Required reading

  • Somatics: Reawakening the Mind's Control of Movement, Flexibility and Health by Thomas Hanna
  • Move Without Pain by Martha Peterson
  • The Body of Life by Thomas Hanna

Is this course for me?

  • Passionate about teaching somatic movement to groups or individuals?
  • Ready to deepen your somatic journey?
  • Looking for a career change or a way to diversify your income?

Application Process


Complete the preparation courses & reading


Complete the application form and submit


Once accepted, pay the deposit to secure your spot

I work in the US Military. I knew on my way back home from the Fundamentals Course that I had to become a teacher to not only deepen my own practice but to bring it to so many people in need of such a practice. Not only did it relieve pain and tension within my body, but it gave me a sense of calm and presence that I had not experienced for quite some time. It helped me to feel alive again! I graduated in 2023 and now I’m currently offering regular weekly classes to active-duty military, veterans, and their family members. I also plan to continue educating people and organizations about somatic movement.

Dana, Certified Essential Somatics Movement Teacher


Upon successful completion of this comprehensive training, you’ll earn recognition as an Essential Somatics® Movement Teacher (ESMT) and certification, equipping you to skillfully teach Somatic Movement to individuals and groups.

As an ESMT, you’ll join a vibrant and expanding global community of practitioners dedicated to enhancing physical well-being and fostering deep somatic awareness. This program offers not just a certification, but an invitation to make a meaningful impact on a global scale.

Essential Somatics Movement Teacher Training Badge

Why Choose Essential Somatics for Your Training?

Direct Lineage to Thomas Hanna’s Original Teachings

This one we’re really proud of. Martha Peterson, CCSE, the program director and founder of Essential Somatics®, was trained by two of Thomas Hanna’s students. The ES curriculum is rooted in Hanna’s breakthrough methods and taught in strict accordance with his theory, methods, and intentions

Limited Group Sizes

To ensure personalized attention, training groups are kept small. Each applicant undergoes a thorough review and suitability screening, with program groups limited to 18 students.

International Training Locations

We offer global training opportunities across North America and Europe, allowing students to conveniently pursue their studies closer to home.

diverse teaching team

We use a team teaching approach to ensure close supervision and guidance by having multiple trainers present wherever possible. Our Faculty are skilled and experienced Clinical Somatic Educators who draw on years of studying, practicing, and teaching within the field of Clinical Somatic Education and their own movement modality backgrounds. Guest instructors ensure enrichment of educational material and creative solutions to distance learning.

graduate community

After graduation, become part of a vibrant global community of ES graduates for networking, collaboration, and continuous learning.

I have a business background and retired early 6 years ago due to to a debilitating back injury. Discovering Essential Somatics helped me tremendously but I was very disappointed with the scarcity of qualified teachers. That’s why I took the ESMT – to help myself and to make this great work available to more people. During the training I gained tremendous knowledge and experience of my own Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA) and resulting stress response patterns. All the techniques I learned benefitted me enormously, and as a result make me a better teacher. I am glad I can share this work and be a part of my students’ journey to a life of movement in freedom without stiffness or pain. Being an ESMT is now my main profession.”

Carolin – Certified Essentials Somatics Movement Teacher


Which course do I need to have completed to be eligible for the ESMTT?

As long as you have attended any of the following in their entirety, you are eligible for the ESMTT.

  • Any Essential Somatics retreat
  • Any Essential Somatics Fundamentals Course

If you have completed either of these courses, please contact before applying to ensure eligibility:

  • Move With Ease
  • Any Intro to Somatic Movement online series

If you've been taking regular classes with an ES Certified Movement Teacher also contact us before applying to ensure eligibility.

I have certifications and many years of experience in another field of bodywork and/or movement. Can you waive the prerequisite for the ESMTT?

Clinical Somatic Education is a completely different paradigm that requires as much—or more—experiential learning as it does intellectual learning, therefore those with training in a different movement modality are required to complete the prerequisite training. However, if you have previously studied with another Clinical Somatic Educator, or live in an area without a practitioner near you, please contact us directly to discuss your specific circumstances.

What if I don’t have any teaching skills?

No prior teaching experience is necessary to enroll in the ESMTT program. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to take you from foundational principles to advanced teaching techniques, ensuring you develop the skills needed to confidently lead Somatic Movement sessions.

What if I don’t have any existing clients to practice with?

Many people who don’t come from a profession with an existing client base take the ESMTT. To support you in gaining the practical experience you need, we offer opportunities to teach people from our community. This ensures you have access to groups of practice clients, helping you accumulate the teaching hours required to practice your skills and build confidence. We're committed to your success and provide these resources to ensure you get the most out of your training experience.

Do I need to attend all of the classes?

Students must attend all scheduled in-person modules and online learning sessions.

In the event of an unavoidable conflict, online group sessions may be made up in a 1:1 format with your mentor for an additional cost.

Do I need to complete the entire ESMTT program to be eligible for the CSET program?

Yes. Prospective CSET students are required to successfully complete the ESMTT before they are considered eligible for the CSET.

I can’t attend the in-person sessions. Is there an online option?

No, there currently is no ESMTT program being held exclusively online. If you are unable to attend the in-person sessions for a certain ESMTT, we invite you to apply to the next ESMTT that works with your schedule to ensure your attendance at all required classes and sessions.

What are the payment options?

To secure your place on the course a deposit is required. The remaining tuition balance will then be divided into 4 equal monthly payments. The first payment is due in the month before the course starts. 

For example, if the course starts in January, the first payment will be in December, then January, February and March.

How often does the ESMTT course take place?

At present we offer one course per year in the UK and one course per year in the US. Please see the upcoming courses section for full details.

What kind of support is available during and after the training?

During the ESMTT, you'll benefit from personalized mentorship and guidance from our dedicated teaching team. Upon completing the ESMTT, you'll continue to have access to updated ESMTT learning materials and any updates we make in the future. Additionally, you'll receive a complimentary 6-month Graduate Community membership, with the option to extend. This membership offers continuous learning opportunities, a supportive network of practitioners, inclusion in our practitioner directory, and more. These resources are designed to support your ongoing growth and success in your practice.

What are the career prospects after completing the training?

Upon completion of the ESMTT, you'll be equipped to offer a variety of services including private classes, group classes, and workshops. Many of our graduates also integrate somatic principles into existing healthcare, fitness, or wellness practices.

More questions? Visit the FAQs page