Have you ever been told that your glutes are too weak and you need to strengthen them?

This is an all too common piece of advice when we have pain, or cannot engage our glutes effectively.

Instead of thinking that your glutes are too WEAK, consider the possibility that they may be too STRONG.

What does this really mean? Well, it’s possible that the glute muscles are too tight (strong) and cannot release fully, meaning that you do not have full control and therefore cannot use the full capacity and function of the muscles.

Our muscles can be tight and we don’t know it. Try this: 1. Stand up and gently feel your glute muscles (buttocks). 2. Do they feel tight? Gently press under the surface glute muscle to get to glute minimus 3. Now lie down on your back with your legs out straight. Very gently squeeze your glutes and very slowly release them 4. Play with doing one side at a time (notice if they feel different!) 5. Then stand up again and feel the glutes.

Did they relax at all? What else closer to the center of your body is also relaxed? Hint: unconscious muscular holding in the back muscles contributes to unconscious tension in the glutes. When that happens you’re likely habituated to what we call the “Green Light Reflex” of go-go-go and forward action.

This is a simple pandiculation for glute muscles that are too tight. Instead of being weak, perhaps the muscles are always somewhat contracted and by pandiculating them you can relax them, meaning they are more available to do their job.

Trying walking around after this movement and seeing how it feels!