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Do you want to participate In Person or Online?

We offer different ways you can learn somatic movement in order to deepen your connection to your body, alleviate tension, stress, or muscle pain, and regain freedom and ease of movement for a better quality of life.

In Person

In person events provide increased efficiency of movement with gentle hands-on teacher guidance, live demonstrations, social interaction, connection, and an immersive experience away from the distractions of everyday life.

    • In-Person
    • 2 days
    • $425

    Fundamentals Course

    LEARN and MOVE

    Learn about Clinical Somatic Education for your own personal education and exploration during this 2-day in person immersive weekend. This course is an excellent introduction to this highly effective, yet simple method of neuromuscular movement education and pain relief.

    • In-Person
    • 7 Days
    • $850



    Whether you are dealing with chronic muscle pain, limited mobility, a general feeling of “getting old”, or you just want to move and play, you will find something freeing and enriching when you attend an Essential Somatics Movement Retreat. Taking place in beautiful locations around the world, join us to learn to move with mastery and joy.


    Online events allow you to experience Somatic Movement from the comfort of your own home with flexible scheduling options that allow you to join from anywhere in the world and the ability to listen to recordings of each event.

    • Online
    • 30 Minutes
    • $75


    1-to-1 GUIDANCE

    Get a Clinical Somatics perspective on your particular muscle pain patterns or mobility issues. You will be able to ask questions, share your history of muscle pain or injury, and consult with Martha Peterson to learn the best next steps for you.

    • Online
    • 2.5 hours
    • $95

    Group Workshops


    Stay current in your practice! Join an online group workshops to enjoy skilled instruction on a differen theme each time.

    Not Sure Where to Start?

    Try our free course to get familiar with the concepts of this practice and a couple of basic movements!

    Move Without Pain
    FREE Online Course

    Learn how to relieve your chronic muscle pain.

    For the next five days, join Martha Peterson as she guides you through a series of safe, gentle movements designed to alleviate common neck, shoulder, back, hip and leg issues.

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