Move Without Pain

Move Without Pain – in stores December 2010

Great news! I recently signed a book deal with Sterling Publishers. My book, Move Without Pain, will be in stores next December 2010.

Many of you have read the book Somatics: Reawakening The Mind's Control Of Movement, Flexibility, And Health, by Thomas Hanna, PhD. It is the first place to go for the definitive theory and scientific underpinnings of the discipline of Hanna Somatic Education. Move Without Pain is a simple, straightforward "dummies' guide" to Hanna Somatics. It is filled with color photos of all the most basic and important movements we teach, along with detailed pointers on how to do the movements. There are thoughts on core strengthening, exercise, and posture as well. My hope is that those who want to understand the basics of chronic muscular pain and its root cause will gain practical information and easy to understand tools in order to reverse their pain.