Practice Makes Improvement

A student of mine recently told me, "you know, I think I'm finally understanding that old habits die hard." She went on to explain that her private one-on-one Somatics sessions had immediately helped to relieve the pain she'd had for years - but that only after several months of doing her daily 15 minute Somatics routine were the changes beginning to stick. What she told me was that permanent change was due to her consistent, patient and diligent self-monitoring and self-correction. Can you imagine if a baby could learn to walk perfectly in one day - or even one week? Can you imagine learning to become a ballerina in a week? Or a Tiger-Woods-level golfer in a month? We all understand that mastering physical skills takes weeks, months and sometimes years to become "second nature." Bad posture, chronic pain and tight, contracted muscles don't happen overnight. They seem to creep up on us because we don't pay attention. Just like a sloppy golf swing or free throw. So changing our "technique" of moving requires diligence, persistence and follow-through.

Yes, private Hanna Somatics sessions can teach you, in some cases, to instantly rid yourself of nagging pain. However, if you want stay that way, it's crucial to consistently practice moving better.  No one ever got good at anything without learning more and practicing.  This is how mastery is achieved. Here are a few things you can do weekly to ensure that you, your muscles and your movement feel good, easy and in control:

  • Do a daily 15-minute Somatics routine
  • Attend a weekly Somatics class
  • Do 3 minutes of gentle Somatic Movements at your desk once every hour during your work day
  • Take a minute to look in the mirror once a day and notice your own posture. If you're out of balance, close your eyes and see if you can self-correct it.
  • When you're walking, notice the way in which you walk

So if you'd like to save money by staying healthy and out of pain, take the time to practice.  We will probably never be perfect, but we can always improve!