Get Up Off the Ground (the Easy Way!)

On Monday I wrote about my client who was able to get down on her hands and knees to garden, but couldn't get up. I taught her an easy way to use her body synergistically - meaning using the body as a coordinated whole - to make it easier to get up. As many of us get older we unconsciously begin to move more less efficiently, in a more segmented way. We stop rolling over to sit up (as a baby would) or squatting down to pick something up (which strengthens the back and hips). If we want to look  behind us, many of us turn just our neck, and forget that it's easier and more efficient to turn the entire torso. Well, the same goes for getting up off the ground. When you use the feet, pressing down into the ground and then straightening the legs to stand up, you have more stability and balance. Think of dancers and athletes who use the muscles of the feet to give them more spring as they jump, and more cushioning as they regulate their landing. Using the feet, legs, hands and arms together will help make getting up off the ground easy and effortless. So try this movement and let me know how it goes. Happy gardening!

[wpvideo 9rINQiCO]