Improving Balance By Relaxing the Core

In my last post I wrote about how using crutches while recovering from an injury can lead to back pain, hip, shoulder pain, and sciatica due to Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA). After the injury is healed balance needs to be restored, and walking needs to become smooth and effortless again. You can work on this before you get off your crutches. Below is a video showing three simple movements to get you started. The first one addresses the muscles of the front and back of the body, and the others address the muscles of the waist and hips. These movements will help remind you to regain coordination of your walking once you're off crutches. Oh - and you don't have to be injured to benefit from these movements! Anyone who feels stiff in their gait, or is suffering from knee, foot or hip pain will love these movements. Your posture will improve and you'll stand straighter, with less effort. [wpvideo v55YjR74]

Remember to do these movements SLOWLY, GENTLY, AND WITH AWARENESS. Somatic Movements release pain because you are nudging your muscles into greater, more intelligent movement through use of the brain. It's no different from learning a new dance step or improving your swimming stroke. You're improving control and sensation of muscles, which allows only the muscles necessary to do the work. Why work hard when you can work efficiently and effortlessly?

And if you're on crutches now, or have had a serious injury, contact me to set up a session, attend a class, or receive advice.