Off to India!

As many of you know, I was very fortunate to be able to travel with my mother to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2008.  I will be hitting the road again!   This time I'll be trekking in Northern India (Sikkim) with both my mother and my older sister. My mother, who has trekked extensively for over 25 years, has always yearned to go to Sikkim. She is not only a role model for me as a courageous and energetic woman, but as a Somatic Educator I can't help but point to her as the best example that I know of "use it or lose it." The lesson is to just keep moving no matter what age you are.

I will be in India from November 16 - December 10. I will be back in the office on December 13. Don't forget the Walking with Ease With Healthy Knees workshop on December 18 from 1:00-3:00pm.

Please be sure to attend the Saturday drop-in Explorations class. These classes are profoundly effective at teaching you to release stubborn muscular pain. The more you practice the gentle movement explorations of Somatics, the more improvement you make in your awareness and the more you can apply it to whatever activity you enjoy.  An hour of Somatic Movement can teach you to make great changes in your body as you relieve pain.

Carrie Day will be teaching class on November 20, and December 4. There is no class on December 27.  Carrie will be available for private Somatics sessions at Shakti Yoga. As I hike slowly through the foothills of the Himalayas I will enjoy the movement that comes from long days of hiking, no driving, no computers or email, and substantially less stress than we have in the NY/NJ area! It will be fascinating to experience my nervous system calming down and to note the changes in my own body. I'm not sure how I'll enjoy subzero temperatures at night, but I will surely have stories to tell.

I look forward to observing the movement patterns of the different people I will encounter. Due to the lack of certain modern conveniences, many people in the developing world continue to move in ways most westerners don't. Despite the benefits of most modern technology (something we often take for granted), it is this very technology that causes us to literally forget how to do many of the most basic movement patterns, from reaching to bending over to pulling and pushing.

I look forward to picking up the blog again when I come back! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, go out and play, keep doing your Somatic Exercises, and explore the world around you.

Keep moving forward!