Ring Out the Aches and Pains and Ring in Good Health - Happy 2012!

A short note to all of you to say Happy New Year!

For all of you I wish the most important thing of all: good health, awareness of yourself and your purpose and a year filled with learning.

On that note, here's the simplest, best message for all of us to begin 2012.  It's a video many of you may have already seen, but it's worth seeing again. Taking time for yourself doesn't have to mean sacrifice or pain. Just a small bit of time.

Adding daily movement to your life can change your life and your health.

Taking care of ourselves isn't just for ourselves, either. It's for those we live with - our friends, family, coworkers and community.

Thomas Hanna once told his students, "there is NO ONE in the world who will care as much about your body as you."