Compression Fractures, Back Pain, and How to Get Relief

I just received this testimonial from a client from upstate New York who came to see me. He learned how compensation to a severe injury experienced had caused muscular pain, and how to begin to reverse it. He is now doing a daily routine of Somatic Exercises to keep the muscles of his back, waist, and hips more relaxed for easier, more comfortable movement. Read his testimonial below...

Trauma compression fracture pain - solved:

I recently suffered my second trauma compression fracture to one of the vertebrae of my back.

The treatment for this fracture was to wear a rigid back brace during all waking activities.  I had significant pain with this injury and needed strong pain killers for two months just to function. Having gone through this healing process five years ago I was familiar with how long it takes to get back to what I would call full functioning. I am a long time Tai Chi student and also enjoy many other physical activities and challenges. As a result of my recent injury I researched body work and decided that Hanna Somatics would be very complimentary to my Tai Chi practice.

I had two private clinical Somatic Education sessions with Martha Peterson in December 2011. Prior to the first session I was not able to lay flat on my back.  Martha worked to help me understand how to move my upper back muscles and I was able for the first time to lay flat on my back. During the second session we worked on the Trauma Reflex, specifically with the Side Bend and Hip Hike practices.

After this practice I was able to lie flat with zero pain. This was a huge improvement for me and tears of joy rolled down my cheeks!

As the days have passed there is still much work and healing for me. I know all this is a process of two steps forward and one step back. From my own experience of teaching Tai Chi and healing from injuries, I recognize that Martha is a superior and passionate practitioner. I look forward to future work with Martha and know that each session will be an adventure in healing and gaining control of how to move effectively with less pain.

Thank you Martha!

D.L., People Manager, Anheuser-Busch