Somatics Workshops in Europe - May 2012

This past year has been one of growth for Essential Somatics® and the work of Hanna Somatic Education. I have written a book - Move Without Pain - and produced 4 instructional pain-relief DVDs that teach people how to apply the methods and movements of Hanna Somatics for long term muscle pain relief, and freer, more efficient movement.

Somatics workshops in Europe - May 2012

The good news is that May 2012 sees me in the United Kingdom and Europe for 3 weeks teaching Hanna Somatics.

Here's what will be available:

  • Movement workshops
  • Private clinical sessions
  • Somatics fundamentals intensives

What you can expect from a Hanna Somatics workshop or session with Martha Peterson:

  • Core fundamentals of HSE: philosophy, techniques, science and movements of Hanna  Somatics
  • How this work is different from any other method of pain-relief you've experienced
  • How to apply these methods and tools to your life (fitness routine, rehabilitation, biomechanics)
  • Experience profound and rapid alleviation of pain and freer movement from hands-on clinical sessions.
  • Learn life-long tools to keep your life pain-free.

Everyone can benefit from Somatics:

  • Those with recurring muscular pain and inflexibility who have "tried everything" to relieve it
  • Fitness trainers, Pilates or yoga teachers wanting to learn to apply Somatics principles to their teaching
  • Medical professionals looking for new and safe methods of helping their patients with functional muscle pain
  • Massage therapists, dance teachers, physiotherapists, and other health professionals
  • Athletes, dancers, hikers, runners
  • Those with "poor posture"
  • Office workers, teachers who stand all day, those with a stressful or physically demanding job
  • Those who want to continue to feel good and move easily for as long as they can - no matter their age!

I have enjoyed corresponding with people from all over the world, through email, Skype, and blog posts comments. Now is the time to get together in person to learn more about refining the Somatic Exercises, experiencing deeper, more individualized clinical work, and applying these techniques and methods to your life. The human brain has an extraordinary ability to teach each one of us to  to "fix" ourselves. This information is accessible through Hanna Somatic Education; it is what sets it apart from any other method available.

Come learn more about Somatics!