Moving Forward, Moving Up

Taking a break in Bear Creek on a hot day.

This past year has been one of overall growth and expansion. Since my last blog post I have been busy with life and work, forging new ground with Essential Somatics® and Hanna Somatics, and I am pleased to say that I have found my way back to writing. I know many people say that 2016 wasn't their favorite year, yet in my life and work I experienced growth, learning, newness, change, and a deepening of awareness that only gets better. Thomas Hanna once said,

As we grow older, our bodies and our lives should continue to improve, right up until the very end. I believe that all of us, in our hearts, feel that this is how life really should be lived.

Since last I wrote, I made a significant life change and moved to Colorado to be near my grandson. Children are the most fun and often humorous beings to observe in their movement explorations, imaginary play, and expressions. They're the epitome of what it means to be "somatic." 

Transitions take time and I am feeling at home, and excited about expanding my teaching to the American West. Now that I've settled in, I will be posting more often! I will be shining the spotlight on some of my practitioners-in-training and recent graduates, sharing tips for your Somatic Movement practice, sharing client testimonials and stories as inspiration, and giving some sneak previews of my next book. 

And if anyone has a topic they would like to hear about, please let me know in the comments section. 

Until next week... move well, explore, and be present!