Move Without Pain

If you have "tried everything" to relieve back, neck, shoulder or hip pain, and have only experienced short term relief, this special workshop will teach you how to achieve long-term pain relief and improved muscle function - whenever you need it. You will learn to use your brain to “reprogram” your muscles to lengthen and relax as you regain muscle sensation and control.

Learn to fix yourself!

Join Martha Peterson, Certified Hanna Somatic Educator and author of Move Without Pain, as she teaches you:

  • How the Hanna Somatics approach to pain-relief is different from any other method you’ve tried up until now.
  • How muscles become habitually tight and painful and contribute to recurring injury and poor posture.
  • How your movement habits and reflexive responses to stress contribute to low back pain, neck, shoulder, hip and joint pain, sciatica, and chronic headaches.
  • How to lengthen muscles safely without stretching - and how to apply this technique to your workout routine.
  • Somatic solutions for recovery from most common muscle pain conditions.
  • A daily routine of easy, safe and profoundly effective movements that, when practiced daily restore muscle control and awareness and eliminate chronic muscle pain.