Thomas Hanna once said, “if you’re not getting smarter as you get older you’re doing something wrong.”


The first time we heard him say that (on one of his many recorded movement workshops) it stopped us in our tracks. Consider that if something isn’t working there may be a different way, more efficient system, or new information you simply hadn’t considered that might help you as you continue to move forward in life.


On that note, we want to offer you some interesting reading over the holiday season on the philosophy and history of Thomas Hanna’s work written by Wendell Hanna.


Wendell Hanna, Ph.D. is Professor of Music Education at San Francisco State University. She is a Certified Hanna Somatic Educator® (CHSE) and the daughter of Hanna Somatics founder, Thomas Hanna.


Wendell has developed a system of integrating sound, music, and somatic movement education. In addition to her many developments in the field of Somatic Education, Wendell offers us a very personal glimpse into her father with humor, sensitivity, and deep respect. You can read her blog here and, if you like it, please let her know!

Happy learning!