We’re often asked: I don’t have muscle pain, is Somatic Movement for me?

Many people come to us because they are in pain and know that tight muscles and excess tension is the root cause. Others come to learn about Somatic Movement because they want to take care of themselves and continue to age gracefully and intelligently. They feel good yet they want tools to help them stay that way.

We even have younger people coming to us saying, “I see my parents struggling with aches and pains. I want to prevent that from happening so I feel better as I age, not worse.”

Somatic Movement offers all those things:

  1. A way out of chronic muscle pain as well as a way to reconnect to a more efficient and comfortable way of moving, being, and functioning.
  2. Simple, sensible and scientific information about how your brain and nervous system work, how habits are formed (for better or for worse), and how you can use your brain to improve the way you sense, move, respond to stress, and keep yourself moving and functioning smoothly.
  3. Tools to manage stress so you can become more stress-resilient and can self-regulate to find a sense of calm balance from within.
  4. A different perspective on aging: that rather than falling apart and becoming stiff as you age, you can learn, improve, get better, and get smarter as you age. In reality, it is the way in which we unconsciously adapt to the stresses of our lives – the accidents, injuries, surgeries, and emotional and psychological stresses – that determines whether we become “creaky and old” or maintain our physical freedom, self-awareness, and independence. The choice is yours.

You don’t have to be in pain to sense that you aren’t as comfortable in your body as you’d like to be.

You don’t have to be in pain to know that you’re not functioning as well as you’d like to be.

All you need to know is that tension in one part of your life will translate to tension in other areas of your life – and your body and movement.

We’re here to teach you, through Somatic Movement, to reconnect to a more skillful, comfortable, present sense of yourself so you can be more of who you are or would like to become.