I am always inspired to teach someone who says, “I feel pretty good in my body and I want to stay that way. I don’t want to stop doing what I love to do.”

And this is why Somatic Movement can help you even if you don’t have pain, aren’t recovering from an accident or injury, or are in your 20s and can’t imagine ever feeling stiff or achy.

Think of it this way: whatever you want to be able to do in the future you need to be practicing now. You may feel good now, but you want to stay that way. When it comes down to it, if you want to hone and maintain any skill – playing an instrument, speaking a language, dancing, running, feeling good in your body – you need to practice it every day.

It’s a simple case of use it or lose it.

Just because you can move well now and walk up and down stairs now doesn’t mean you will be able to move well 40 years from now. Unless you practice.

Clinical Somatics teaches you the skills you need to keep moving with awareness, efficiency, and ease so you can continue doing what you love to do for as long as you want to do it.

We learned at a very young age that it’s important to floss and brush our teeth twice a day. Why? Because if we don’t, our teeth may decay, develop cavities, or gum disease.

The same applies to your body, whether you’re in pain or not. It’s all about prevention. You wouldn’t start brushing your teeth only when you have a toothache.

Remember – animals pandiculate not because they have pain but because their survival is about movement. Movement is life.

So start pandiculating today and your body and your life will thank you.