Lesson #5: The Myth of Aging

Move Without Pain 5-Day Course  •  Completion time: 25 minutes


Stop Living with Chronic Muscle Pain

Whether you’re a caretaker, sedentary professional, weekend warrior, or a Type-A over-achiever, you’re here because, in some way, you struggle with muscle pain, fatigue and immobility everyday. 

Rest assured that if you’re not taking care of your physical body today, it will eventually succumb to the effects of perpetual stress, sedentary living, negative thinking and trauma. 

The day that becomes your reality is the day you’ll start to miss life’s little moments like:

  • Picking something up, or getting up, off the floor
  • Enjoying a smooth, relaxing walk
  • Playing with your children or grandchildren
  • Waking up without body aches and pains

Life is not short. It’s long.

And if you suffer from Sensory Motor Amnesia, it can feel like an eternity. But it’s never too late to let Hanna Somatic Education help you.


How a 72-Year-Old Woman Ditched Painkillers to Her Doctor’s Amazement


Ellen is the perfect example that of how combining medical protocols—she took the painkiller Lyrica for nerve pain—and Hanna Somatics helped her to become pain-free.

When we first met, Ellen had been  suffering from searing pain down her left leg for one year. “I’m not sure you can help me,” she told me, “but I’ve got nothing left to lose.”

One look at Ellen and I instantly understood why she was in pain. Her hips were twisted and her upper torso tilted to one side causing her opposite hip to tighten in order to keep her balanced.

She had literally forgotten how to move her hips up and down and had been walking with no movement in her spine for years. After a handful of sessions, Ellen could once again bend to both sides of her body and contract and relax her back muscles, which helped to ease her leg pain, which first brought her to me. It took patience and awareness, but after six sessions, she now stands with equal weight on both legs!

In addition to our sessions, Ellen attended occasional HSE classes and workshops for her legs and hips. More importantly, she practiced a short, daily routine of Somatics movements that reinforced and integrated her new habits.

Once she relaxed her muscles, her pelvis returned to neutral, her leg length evened out and her nerve pain disappeared.  Ellen has been pain-free, back to gardening and traveling for over four years now.



I’ve stopped all my painkillers and am completely out of pain. I told my neurologist and he said that it’s not possible. I assured him it is.




What others are saying about Hanna Somatics

Hanna Somatics offers a scientifically sound method for the diagnosis and treatment of a whole range of complaints that frequently present as medical problems, such as fibromyalgia, pain syndromes and fatigue.
— William Hanson, MD - Professor of Critical Care at University of Pennsylvania Medical Center
The longer you train, the harder you compete and the higher you strive, the more you need Martha Peterson. Somatics is, without question, the simplest, fastest way to literally “forget” and overcome training errors.
— Dan John, strength coach and author of "Never Let Go"

As promised, here are all the Somatic movements you've learned this week together in a convenient sequence. Remember to gift yourself at least 20 minutes of peace and quiet as you perform these movements in a comfortable place.

When you're finished, really take a couple minutes to feel the changes you've created inside your body.  Afterwards, reflect on how Hanna Somatics—and specifically your attention and awareness—can make lasting changes in your body by eliminating Sensory Motor Amnesia.

When you're ready, let's go through one final Somatic routine and, afterwards, continue reading to find out what you can do to continue living your pain-free lifestyle.

Somatic Routine for Lessons 1 – 4

Click the playlist below to transition through all the movements we've covered in lessons 1 through 4:

  1. Soma Scan
  2. Arch and Flatten
  3. The Flower
  4. The Side Bend
  5. The Washrag

Before you being, find a comfortable spot on the floor and test your volume settings so you can clearly hear the audio. After you press play, the playlist will automatically transition through each of the lesson movements for a smooth, uninterrupted practice:


How can I continue feeling pain-free?

Hanna Somatic Education teaches you how to manage your chronic muscle pain by giving you the tools to recognize and undo Sensory Motor Amnesia.

You'll feel a dramatic improvement in your ability to relax and move with ease just by performing the movements from this lesson each day. However, to unlearn years of bad habits caused by Sensory Motor Amnesia, you have to deepen your Somatics practice .

As you become more aware of how stress and trauma have affected your body, your home Somatics practice must expand.

The movements you've enjoyed this week are from my Pain Relief Through Movement DVD, which includes over 60 minutes of instruction and 13 Hanna Somatic exercises.


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