Essential Somatics®️ Basics:

Move With Ease

For The Rest Of Your Life

In this 6-week online course, you will go from exhausted to empowered, learning how to relieve chronic pain and regain comfort so that you can experience joy in everyday movements (without paying thousands in medical bills).

This course gives you the common-sense missing link information you’ve been searching for.

NEXT COURSE STARTS: October 28th, 2024

Before We Tell You About This Course, Let’s Talk About Who This is For…

Move With Ease is for ordinary people like you. No matter your profession, age, background – we all experience stress. Stress causes muscle tension, and over time this builds up until we begin to lose the freedom to move easily. 

We are not as flexible, we develop persistent aches and pains and we stop doing the things we love. 

You’re tired of being told “You just have to live with it,” or “You’re getting older, what did you expect?” and are ready for an explanation that is clear, sensible, and actionable.

Take back control of your health by learning a movement practice you can do for yourself, by yourself, whenever and wherever you’d like. 

Whether you’re:

A busy parent
who is juggling work and family life and doesn’t have time for hours of self-care every day, or the disposable income to try several different approaches.

An older person
who is finding it more difficult to move easily and comfortable. You know you need more movement but you’re a bit intimidated by going to a class.

An energetic person
who is ambitious and passionate and worried you need to start slowing down or give something up because your aches and pains just don’t seem to go away.

You’re in the right place!

Move With Ease will give you the tools, inspiration, and support on your journey to creating a sustainable daily practice to help you feel comfortable in your body, and hopeful for your future. 

By the End of This Program You Will Have…


Experienced the Stress Reflexes

The full body patterns of muscle tension we use when we’re stressed. Learn to recognise them and release them.


Developed Your Skill of Pandiculation

The powerful technique used to reset the brain-to-muscle connection and restore full control.


Created a Sustainable Practice

that you can do at home, at work, wherever and whenever you choose. No more costly appointments that only bring short-term results (if any at all).


Found a Community

of like-minded people you can connect with, to know you are not alone in your struggles and to support each other on this new and exciting journey.

“Essential Somatics has made learning this new modality easy, enjoyable, and productive!

Their information is accessible and clear, which is especially important while working online. This has really made a difference in my own ability to commit to my practice.”

Maribeth Goodman

If You’re Ready to Regain Your Freedom of Movement, Look No Further!

NEXT COURSE STARTS: October 28th, 2024





“I am totally blown away by this work. I did not realize I was carrying so much stress. I have such ease in my body and mind. Thank you so much. Realizing what release feels like for real makes me want to cry.”


“I felt like a different person… I could hardly believe the change in my body.”


“There are no words to describe the dramatic changes that I have experienced in my physical, emotional, and mental well-being since learning with Essential Somatics. I am so grateful for your work and wisdom that you share with all of us.”


“I am beyond grateful to Essential Somatics for their dedication in sharing this very important work. My mind is consistently blown in my own daily Somatic Movement practice, as I experience new aspects of this work and of myself, and remain pain free!”


Essential Somatics® Basics:

Move With Ease

What’s Included

Module 1: Foundation

We know how lonely and hopeless losing your freedom to move easily can make you feel. That’s why we want to share with you this powerful, safe movement practice to give you the tools to do something about it.  Learn to see yourself as a “soma” (a living, breathing, moving system) rather than just a body that needs fixing. Through this lens all sorts of changes become possible.

Module 2: Red Light Reflex of Protection

Our stressful lives can leave us feeling anxious and afraid. When this happens, we respond with the Red Light Reflex—a full-body pattern of muscle contraction that happens instantly. Don’t get stuck in your fear. Learn how to spot and release this reflex, so you control it—not the other way around. 

Module 3: Green Light Reflex of Action

Our go-go-go lifestyles cause our back muscles to tense up as we repeatedly trigger the Green Light Reflex of action and forward movement. Learn how to spot this and consciously relax the back muscles to avoid painful conditions.

Module 4: Trauma Reflex of Compensation

Accidents, injuries and avoiding pain (think stubbing a toe or touching something hot) are a fact of life. We protect the area by making compensations in how we move. These adaptations stay with us long after we have healed and can cause knock on effects by wearing down our joints and overworking muscles. Learn how to restore balance and take the pressure off for freer, lighter movement.

Module 5: Free & Easy Walking

The most important human movement! Everything you’ve learned up until this point contributes to making the complex pattern of walking easier, more comfortable, and more efficient. In this module we add the cherry on the cake with the final couple of movements that will help you restore a pleasant and joyful gait.

Module 6: Building a Daily Practice

Feel confident you can now practice at home by understanding the logic of building a practice. We explain how to structure your practice, and guide you through some short routines to get you started.


3 Live Q&A Sessions & Exclusive Community

($120 VALUE)

When you buy Move With Ease today you’ll also be invited to 3 LIVE Q&A sessions hosted by an Essential Somatics Teacher so that no matter what point you’re at in your journey, or how much progress you’re making, your most burning questions will be answered as you go.

You’ll also be invited to join a private online community with your fellow students, so you can exchange and support each other. 


3 Somatic Movement Classes (60 mins)

($90 VALUE)

Move With Ease will teach you the basic movements for building your regular home practice. Attending classes is the next step – get new and fresh ideas, and keep your practice well rounded.

Kickstart your journey with these Essential Somatics classes! Each class focuses on a theme, and movements are chosen to address that theme. Repeat as many times as you like – we always learn something new!

I love learning and practicing with Essential Somatics because I know I am in good hands. There is a sense that movement instruction and principles come directly from the source, Thomas Hanna, while being open to evolving anatomical perspectives.

Alyson Wish

You CAN Regain Your Freedom of Movement

NEXT COURSE STARTS: October 28th, 2024





Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll:

6 Modules and 37 lessons

Introducing you to this powerful, life-changing practice. We explain the main principles that set it apart from other methods and how the stress of our lives ends up in our bodies as muscle tension. We teach you how to recognise this is happening and how to deal with it giving you everything you need to start building your home practice today that will allow you to move with ease and comfort instead of restriction and pain.

Expert teaching on all the basic movements

Learn the 10 basic Somatic Movements that make up a home practice, including teaching tips and common ways Sensory Motor Amnesia shows up (so you can do the movements comfortably) to get you off on the right foot immediately.

Support to build your routine

Through live Q&A sessions, a community of your fellow students, as well as sample routines and full length classes to help it stick and be effective.

Hope for the future

Here’s something that actually works. It takes a little dedication and commitment but the rewards are huge. Learn to take care of yourself for the long term and enjoy moving with ease for as long as you live.

Plus You’ll Be Backed By Our 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

If you’re on the fence—or if other trainings have left you skeptical—we get it. We know it’s hard to believe that your pain or discomfort can get better, especially if you’ve tried nearly everything so far. You may even think that this sounds like just another approach that promises big, yet fails to deliver.  

We’ve met lots of people like you over the years and we continue to be humbled by your stories of transformation. This is the real deal—change IS possible. And it comes from YOU—not some expert who tells you what to think and how to feel about yourself. 

But don’t just take our word for it. We want to give you the chance to make your own mind up. That’s why we are offering a 14-day money-back guarantee. All we ask is that you give it a good try. For more details click here

You Might Still Be Wondering…

Is this for beginners? I’ve only recently discovered you but I want to learn more.


Move With Ease is a foundational program. We will guide you through all the basic principles and concepts you need to understand clearly why this practice works. We’ll teach you the movements you’ll need for your own home practice, and we’ll give you a couple of routines to get you started.

There’s a bit of everything in this course, so it’s a fantastic place to start.

I already have some of your video lessons. How will this be different?

The video lessons are several years old now and although still super useful, we have evolved some of our teaching and want to include more things such as new movements, teaching tips, and explanations. So we’re slowly starting to update them – in the form of digital courses. They’ll still be around for a while yet, but if you’re new to this practice we’d recommend going straight to Move With Ease.

What is the refund policy?

We certainly want you to be satisfied with your purchase but we also want you to give your best effort to apply all of the strategies in the course.

We do offer a 14-day money-back guarantee for Move With Ease purchases. If the program is not for you, simply show us your work and we’ll issue you a complete refund within 30 days. For more details, click here.

I really want to dive in, but I’m a bit overwhelmed about how much there is to learn. Will I be able to keep up?

This course will be delivered gradually over 6 weeks to give you time to watch the videos and practice the movements. We’ll also be supporting you throughout with Live Q&A sessions and a forum. But don’t worry if you can’t watch the videos right away! After purchase, you’ll have lifetime access to this course, including any updates we make in the future.

So you’ll have plenty of time to watch, digest and practice. This is a process and change takes time. There’s no rush!

Do I have a limited amount of time to access this course?

You have lifetime access!  All of the content is downloadable, meaning you can save the lessons onto your computer, so you will always have access to it whenever, wherever.

Does taking this course make me eligible for the ESMTT?

We’re excited to be launching this digital course because it means we will be able to reach more people around the world with quality teaching of this powerful practice. We believe that it is a comprehensive introduction and fantastic for those looking to start building their personal practice.

For those who want to become teachers, it’s important to go deeper into your own process, which is why we require that you experience this practice in person with a skilled teacher.

You can achieve this in one of two ways:

  1. Attending one of our Fundamentals Courses or Retreats
  2. Taking Move With Ease and experiencing in person with an ES-approved Teacher. In-person learning may include 1:1 movement sessions or a series of group classes. If you’re interested in this route please contact us.

If You’re Thinking “This Sounds Amazing, But I’m Still Not 100% Sure” Keep Reading…

You Want Your Life Back

Is there something you’ve stopped doing because you got injured or it just hurts? Are you starting to get a little neck or back pain at the end of the day? Have you been told that “you’re just getting old, so you need to learn to deal with it”?

These things can make us feel like we’re not in control anymore, that we can no longer do the things we love. It’s scary. 

Clinical Somatic Education teaches us that when we experience stress it causes muscle tension in our bodies. Knowing how to recognize this and what to do about it gives us the tools to begin making changes to our nervous system. This practice is a sustainable, long-term solution because you have the power to make changes yourself.  

We have helped thousands of people get back into running, enjoy gardening again, or recover from injuries and surgeries. People also tell us that other things change too—they are more patient, kinder, hopeful, and begin to see opportunities that they didn’t notice before. This isn’t just about moving with ease; it’s about our freedom.

You’re Not Afraid of Putting in the Work

This practice works. But we’re not going to lie and say that it will come easily. As long as we are living we are exposed to stress in various forms and, just like we need to brush our teeth every day, our freedom to move requires maintenance as well. 

A lot of people experience profound changes after doing just a little bit of somatic movement—it’s what gets people hooked! However, you didn’t get here overnight—you have a lot of experiences in your soma already so it’s going to take time to peel back the layers and clear out the tension. 

We provide everything you need in Move With Ease to develop your own regular practice and maintain your freedom. 

You’re Tired of Not Getting Any (Sensible) Answers

Aches and pains, discomfort or even chronic pain is pretty common. We seek out doctors, physios, osteopaths, chiropractors, and a whole host of other professionals besides. We’re desperate for answers and solutions that work. But they’re distinctly lacking. Our medical developments have been astounding—surgeries, transplants, hip replacements, curing diseases—however, we’re still missing the power that exists within. Amongst all the tests, x-rays, and scans we forget to acknowledge the experience of the individual and the context of their lives. We forget to look at the whole.

Clinical Somatic Education is about somas—human beings as experienced from within. We are a whole system, and everything that has happened to us has shaped who we are. Understanding that is key.

This practice is not only about movement—it also explains what’s going on. We experience stress (in predictable reflexive ways). This leads us to develop sensory motor amnesia because our muscles learn to stay tight so that after a while we cannot feel or move our muscles properly. To address this we use biofeedback to change our nervous system to function better. It’s the missing link you’ve been searching for.

So give Move With Ease a shot, remember it’s risk-free because of our 14-day day money-back guarantee.

I’m Ready to Regain My Freedom of Movement!

NEXT COURSE STARTS: October 28th, 2024