One of the many myths about hip pain is that your hips hurt because they’re weak. But, in truth, they’re probably painful because your muscles are so tight they won’t let go. Tight muscles cause pain because there is less blood flow to the muscles. This is called ischemic muscle pain. Relaxed muscles and healthy movement patterns don’t cause pain.

There are a lot of muscles that attach into your hips and pelvis: the muscles of the back, abdominals, waist, and the muscles of the legs. This tension can create pressure in the hip joints, restricting freedom of movement in your legs and pelvis.

Your overall movement is stiff and restricted.

When your pelvis doesn’t move, not only is your gait less than fluid, but your back may hurt as well. The problem is not weakness, but tightness, aka – Sensory Motor Amnesia.

Remember that SMA means that your brain has lost the ability to not only fully relax your muscles, but also fully contract them. If you strengthen already tight muscles you risk strengthening your pain.

When you pandiculate and reduce tension in your muscles, your brain not only relaxes your muscles for improved blood flow, but it restores optimum length and function to those muscles. You may even find that you feel stronger and more stable because you relaxed.

Now that’s a novel idea!