Private Sessions

The fastest way to get out of pain and improve your movement

Private Sessions

The fastest way to get out of pain and improve your movement

Discover your individual patterns of muscle tension

Work closely with a practitioner to understand how stress contributes to your pain. Learn to become aware of how you move and improve your ability to monitor and adjust. Keep the pain and tension away.

Learn the somatic movements that are right for you

Get rapid results with expert suggestions tailored to your needs. Master the basic somatic movements that make up a home practice. Explore specific movements that work for your patterns.

What happens in a session?

First Session:

  • ^Detailed medical intake and health history
  • ^Detailed assessment of your posture and gait
  • ^Personalized guided (online) or hands-on (in person) lesson
  • ^Short routine of Somatic Movements for home self-care
  • ^FREE Pain Relief Through Movement Audio

Follow-up Sessions:

  • ^Personalized guided (online) or hands-on (in person) lesson
  • ^Review of previous self-care Somatic Movements
  • ^New Somatic Movements
  • ^Self-care advice regarding sitting, standing, and daily functional movement

Online or In Person?

  • Online
  • 75-90 Minutes
  • $90-110



An excellent alternative when in person sessions are not possible.

  • In Person
  • 75-90 Minutes

In Person


Expert advice combined with hands-on feedback results in a powerful experience and rapid progress

Private Sessions (Online)

Guided movement sessions on zoom

Single Sessions

Initial Online Session – $110 (90 minutes) 
For new clients only!

Follow-Up Online Sessions – $90 (75 minutes)
For returning clients who have had an initial session within the last 2 years.

Please note: sessions must be booked a minimum of one week apart to allow for integration and practice

Package Sessions

Starter Package (Initial + follow up) – $185 (90 + 75 mins)
For new clients who want to book their first two appointments together.

Follow up Package (3 x follow up) – $240 (3 x 90 mins)
For existing clients who want to save by buying three appointments together.

How do I prepare?

  • ^Ensure a good internet connection and a laptop/computer with a working camera and microphone
  • ^Wear comfortable clothing that permits movement
  • ^Locate a quiet space in your home without distractions
  • ^Clear a space on the floor with enough room for you to lie down and spread your arms without touching anything. We suggest using a yoga mat for comfort
  • ^Familiarize yourself with Clinical Somatics by visiting our Learning Center.

Private Sessions (In Person)

In person with specific hands-on feedback

Initial Session – (90 minutes)
For new clients only!

Follow-Up Sessions – (75 minutes)
For returning clients who have had an initial session within the last 2 years

PLEASE NOTE: In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Martha Peterson will discontinue in-person clinical sessions at her office in Manitou Springs until further notice; she will be available for online clinical sessions in the interim. Alternatively you can use the Practitioner Directory to find someone near you for in-person sessions.

Additional Information

How do I book my appointment?

Scroll to the “Book Your Session” section of this page. Click on the type of session that you would like to schedule. Note: If you have not had a private online or in-person session with Martha Peterson in the last 3 years, you will need to schedule a 90-minute INITIAL Session. Once you’ve selected the type of session, select your local time zone from the dropdown menu and click “Set timezone.” Use the calendar to find an available slot. Available dates turn blue when you hover over them. You may scroll to a different month by using the dropdown menu or the arrow keys. (Please note that sessions may only be booked up to 8 weeks in advance.) Click the date that you want, click the time from available listed times, then click the “Continue” button that appears. Follow the prompts until you’ve submitted payment and you’re all set!

How do I reschedule or cancel my appointment?

Appointments must be rescheduled or canceled at least 24 hours in advance.

To reschedule your appointment:
Scroll to the top of the page and click “login” in the top right corner (above the navigation menu). Enter your details and click “Log in.” On the page that appears, select the appointment you want to change and use the calendar to select another time. Follow the steps and confirm your change. You can also reschedule your appointment through your confirmation or reminder email. Open the email, click the “View/Edit my booking” button, then click the “Reschedule” button. Use the calendar to select another time. Follow the steps and confirm your change.

To cancel your appointment:
Please email to cancel your appointment.

How many sessions do I need?

Most conditions are resolved within 4-6 sessions, while more severe conditions (scoliosis and certain cases of trauma) may require more sessions. Each session is designed to build upon the previous session’s improvement. Because CSE is an educational process, we advise booking a series of sessions so you can gradually learn the skills you need to restore easy, comfortable freedom of movement, and to teach you the tools to take care of yourself.  Because we understand that all humans have the ability to learn to improve on their own given the right tools of learning, your active participation and commitment is required for optimum results and long-term improvement.

Do I have to do the Home Practice?

Ideally, yes! A daily 5-10 minute Somatic Movement routine reinforces the improvement you achieve in each private session. These self-care movements are the linchpin to long-term pain relief and efficient movement; a daily practice gives you the ability to manage chronic stress, relieve aches and pains, improve balance, and monitor and improve your movement and posture.

More questions? Visit the FAQs page