Frequently Asked Questions About Products

What are digital downloads?

Digital downloads are converted versions of the CD's and DVD's sold in the Essential Somatics® store that can be played on your compatible desktop, tablet or mobile devices.  We use the standard MP3 format for audio files and the MP4 format for video so our digital files will play on virtually any computer. Digital downloads are large files—100MB to 350MB—are compressed into a single ZIP file for faster downloading. We recommend only downloading digital products when you have access to a broadband Internet connection.

After checkout, you can immediately access your file and download it to your computer. You can access your digital download for up to 24 hours after your purchase incase your download is interrupted or can't be started until a later time. Before you download, be sure you are familiar with your own computer set up and requirements, as each computer setting is different and has different download procedures. 

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What is a "ZIP" file and how does it work?

A ZIP file is a type of compression that's used to make file storage and transmission lighter and faster, often carrying the extension .ZIP as in Since a ZIP file is a single file that contains multiple files, it has to be opened to access those files. This is referring to as unzipping or decompressing.


Opening a zip file on mac

To open a ZIP file on a Mac, simply double-click it and the contents of the file will be moved to a folder that will display in your finder.


To open a ZIP file on a PC, the process is similar to a Mac, but you'll have to download a free compression program since PC's don't come with one built-in. There are plenty of free compression programs that are easy to use and come with directions. 

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How do I download my files?

After your purchase, you'll have 24 hours to download your files either using the download link from the Thank You page of the checkout process or the  download link from the email that accompanies your order receipt:

How do I play my audio and video files?

After your ZIP file has been opened, the tracks of your CD or DVD will be available to play. Audio files are in MP3 format and video files are in MP4 format. Both the audio and video files can be played using Mac programs such as Quicktime or Windows programs such as Windows Media Player. Other free media players, such as VLC Media Player, are available for both Mac and Windows machines. Please refer to each program's documentation for further instructions on how to play media files.

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Can I play audio and video files on my iPad, iPod or iPhone?

Even though digital downloads are optimized for mobile devices, they cannot be downloaded directly to an iPad, iPod or iPhone. You must first download the files to your computer, import them into iTunes, and then sync to your iPad, iPhone or iPod, if you are not using the iCloud.  For other popular tablet and mobile devices—such as Android and Windows—please refer to manufacturer instructions for transferring media files.


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Can I get a refund on digital downloads?

Unfortunately, digital downloads are not refundable because of the ease in which digital files can be copied and distributed. Once you download your MP3 or MP4 media files, the transaction is final.

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