Andrea Randall, CCSE, ESMT

Certified Clinical Somatic Educator | Certified Essential Somatics® Movement Teacher

Manly West, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Andrea Randall

Andrea Randall is a Certified Clinical Somatic Educator and Certified Essential Somatics® Movement Teacher, practicing since 2019. Her practice is based at Tyack Health Centre, Manly West, QLD, where she offers private clinical somatic sessions and weekly group classes. Andrea was inspired to study Clinical Somatic Education after her Structural Integration Teacher introduced her to a couple of pandiculations which provided her with the instantly felt benefits of this method. Andrea enrolled in the Essential Somatics 3-year certification program in order to help her clients that were struggling with ineffective methods of addressing muscle tension. Andrea enjoys sharing this method with her clients to help them release muscle tension, move more effectively in their daily activities, and experience a greater sense of wellbeing. 

Phone: (07) 3249 5333
Address: Tyack Health Centre, 148 Radford Road, Manly West, QLD, 417